Import Material List XML from BC FastPlan into BC Connect

Here is how to import an XML material list created in BC FastPlan® software or isPlan® (iStruct®) into BC Connect® software.

First locate the material list file. It may have been uploaded to the BC Connect as a project attachment:

If the file is an upload, download the file to your desk top. Once downloaded, locate the file in a folder on your computer:

There are two ways to import this XML file to create the material list. Choose a path to follow and then proceed to the end of the article to finalize the import.

Import the XML Into an Existing Project

From the Project Attachments tab click the Import Material List link. 

The Import Material List dialog box populates with the Builder and Project. Choose the correct File Source: "BC FastPlan XML File".

Either drag and drop the XML file onto the box or click Choose File and browse to the correct file, then click Open.

Create a New Project While Importing the XML

From the App Chooser, click Design.

Then click on the menu Material List > Import Material List.

Choose an existing Builder or click the blue plus sign to create a new one. Choose an existing project, or click the blue plus sign to create a new one.

At this point you should see the Name based on the XML file name. You may edit the name as needed and then click Import. (If you selected the wrong material list you may cancel or click the delete icon and try again.

Once the material list is shown in BC Connect you may proceed with editing the material list as necessary. If no edits are needed you may save as one of several statuses. Setting status to Ready for Optimization and saving makes it available to add to a batch.

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