BC Framer® General Release-January 26, 2024 ⭐

Direct upgrade from version 8.5.3 and newer
Supports Windows 11 (System Requirements)

Now available in BC Framer

Wall Corners
Reverse Overlap

Allows for an overlapping corner to be reversed with a single click.

Overlap Corner

Creates an overlapped corner condition without the need to extend. *

Miter Corner

Allows the user to manually miter the intersection between two walls. *

Open Corner

Creates an open corner with no overlap or intersection. *

* Adjusts wall corner even if the walls are not touching.

Soffit Adjust

Allows the user to manually adjust two adjacent soffits.

NOTE: These new tool icons are available when customizing ribbons, from the "Unused Commands" section. More on customizing ribbons here.

Bug Fixes

Canadian Bearing Stress

Canadian bearing stress values are now correctly factored.

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