Project Summary

Project Page Enhancements


The enhanced Project page can be accessed when editing existing projects and when creating new projects via the New > Projects menu item.


New Fields and Functionality


New and Updated Fields Defined

  • Project Type:
    • Now defaults to Residential
    • *This does not apply to the 'quick add' + symbol on the Project Dashboard
  • Project Value:
    • Derived from the value entered in the quoting sheet
    • Accepts manual edit via the pencil icon
    • Saves to the quote sheet and/or creating a new PDF from quote sheet will overwrite manually entered values
  • Special Pricing toggle: 
    • Flags projects with special pricing
    • This setting must be toggled on and off manually.
  • Target and Actual dates:
    • Schedule section now tracks Target and Actual dates.
    • Fields affected: Design Complete, Cut Complete, Delivery Complete and Design Time
  • Design Complete: Actual:
    • Will be date stamped if a Material List is set to "Design Complete" or "Ready for Optimization"
    • Accepts manual entry
  • Designer Time:
    • Estimated Time to Complete field in Design Work Queue
  • Sales Status:
    • Includes "Preliminary/Active" and "Drafting Service Only"
  • Project Status:
    • Includes "Submittal" and "Awaiting PO"
  • Sqft of Framing:
    • New metric for tracking/reporting
  • Design Work Status:
    • Enhanced to allow tracking of "Outsourced" design work
    • Defaults to "Not Started"
  • Outsourced toggle:
    • When checked will activate Workgroup, Workgroup Status, Workgroup Time
    • Workgroups can be defined by a Site Administrator in the Admin app. 
      • Select Location and under Design Workgroups add a line for Workgroups which will then be available from aforementioned Workgroup drop-down.
        Note: Workgroups can be added and/or made Inactive, but they cannot be removed.
  • Software Platform:
    • Added as a way to log which software was used for design
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