Project Grid

The Project Grid is a newer version of the Project Dashboard with additional features.

Access the Project Grid:

2. Navigate to the Projects app from the app chooser in the upper left.
3. Access the Project Grid from the Dashboard dropdown menu.


Key Features and Abilities of the Project Grid:

Column Customization: Tailor the grid to your needs by customizing the columns. You can choose which project attributes and details to display, allowing for a personalized and focused view of your data. Create a view that showcases the data that matters most to you.

Comprehensive Project View: The display shows all projects, regardless of their Project Status, allowing you to have a complete overview at your fingertips.

Dynamic Time Range: The grid is created from a user-selected time range, giving you control over the data you want to include. You can easily adjust the time range at any time to view data for a different period, ensuring you always have access to the most relevant information.

Drag-and-Drop Columns: Easily reorganize columns by dragging them left or right, providing you with the ability to set a custom display that suits your preferences.

Multiple Saved Views: You can save and select from multiple saved views, making it easy to switch between different project perspectives as needed.

Search and Filtering: Take advantage of robust search and filtering capabilities to quickly locate and analyze the information you need. Find specific projects by applying filters or conducting keyword searches within the grid.

Footer Row Statistics: The footer row identifies the number of rows included in the selected time window or the number visible when a search or filtering is active, offering a clear overview of your project data. 

Bulk Editing: Streamline your workflow by having the ability to bulk edit the Project Status or Sales Status values for multiple projects simultaneously.

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