Design Failed - Design restriction: Cannot design multi-span column

Design Failed - Design restriction: Cannot design multi-span column.

If a column design fails it may be caused by multiple bearing points supporting the member. As in the illustration below, the column finds three bearing points: one on the joist and one on each of the squash blocks on either side. 

The design engine cannot analyze a column with this number of bearings. Designers must choose which bearing to ignore. These bearings show as projected active bearings. (bowtie symbol) This is because in this case, there is floor sheathing between the post and the support material below.

Turn on bearings in visibility switches. Select the bearing from post to joist and change the status to Inactive. Then lock the status so that it won't be changed back on reset analysis.

This will not change the overall load distribution and load carry down. Any member below will need to carry the same total load from the column.

Run Design Members again and the column should analyze as expected.

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