Create a New Project on Your BC Connect site.

Creating a new project within your BC Connect® software site can be done in two ways. Creating projects is also possible from an integrated design software such as BC Framer® software, but it will be covered in another article.

The first way is by clicking on the last icon in the top-left group. The hover-over will show "Create New Project". 

This method streamlines the process and the dialog box presents a short list of information. Only the Project name and Builder are required although the builder name may be left set to <Unknown>. Add the information as desired and click Save.

Note that you may also create a New Builder by clicking on the plus symbol without leaving this dialog.

The second way to create a project is also on the Project app by hovering over the New menu and selecting Project.

This opens the full page with all available data fields. The only required data is the Project name, even from this page. Add the desired data and click Save.

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