Access to Partially Cut Material Lists

If you have a multi-level project, you may find that the material list is no longer available for the second level after the first level has been cut and stacked. This is because once the first batch is set to complete, the material list is hidden. It’s a bit of automation that helps keep your list up to date. The list can also be hidden if the Project status has been set to ‘Inactive’ or ‘Complete’.

Notice that the highlighted project material list shows in the batch creation list. Project Status and Operations Status are in an active state:

Now the Operations status has been set to "Complete" automatically because the batch is cut and processed. (Or it was manually changed to "Complete".)

Most of the time this automation is a great idea, but here’s what to do if it isn’t. Let’s say that you have cut and stacked the first level of a home. In our example this is the “basement”. The batch processed out and the material list is automatically hidden, but now you need to cut the second level.
Click the App Chooser and then the Projects tile. If the Project Information > Status has been set to “Complete” click the “eye” icon. This will make that project visible.
Use the filter icon and find the project. Change Project Information Status from Complete to Operations.
Then change the Operations Information Status to anything other than “Complete”. Click Save.
Return to the batch creation page and the material list will be available again. Now you can choose any products that have not been added to another batch.

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