Visualization Tools - 3D Navigation

Navigation in 3D View

In 3D view you may manipulate the view angle, camera position, etc, to any desired view, allowing all movements to be done with a wheel mouse.  There is also a View Ribbon (Toolbar) which allows you to perform most of these maneuvers using tool buttons. These tools allow you to walk into a building and take a virtual tour.


You can rotate the model on its axis by engaging the left mouse button and moving the cursor around the screen. This has the effect of grabbing the front of the model and pulling it around a central point: up, down, left, or right. Rotation is about the center of the objects displayed on the screen, which may not be the full model.

NOTE: The left mouse button can also be used for selecting objects in 3D view.  
Left Button

Turning the Camera

You may turn the camera left or right, up or down with the right mouse button. Place the cursor on a point in the view and hold down the right button. The further the cursor is from the center, the faster the camera will turn.

The location of the cursor on the screen correlates to the direction the camera will turn. (The model will appear to move the opposite direction from the mouse cursor.
Right Button

Rotate About Target

You may pull the model around your current placement without rotating it by holding the middle button/wheel and right button simultaneously while panning the mouse left, right, up or down. The distance from "target" can be predetermined in Program Settings > Projection View > Camera: Target Distance.
Middle Button(wheel) and Right Button

Walk In (Zoom)

Scrolling with the mouse wheel moves the camera toward the location of the cursor. For example: place the cursor on the left side of the screen and scroll the wheel. This moves the camera a step to the left and a step closer to the building. This has the effect of enlarging the feature on the screen where the cursor is located, but leaving it at its original coordinates. To walk right up to a feature, you may have to rotate that feature to the center of the screen, or rotate the camera.

Holding the mouse wheel while moving the mouse up or down creates a smooth but rapid zooming effect. Holding the Ctrl key while rolling the mouse wheel zooms slowly.


The 3D view can be panned left or right, up or down by holding the left and right buttons simultaneously while moving the pointer. This maintains the current rotation of the model and only changes the relative location of the model from your point of view. The middle button/wheel is still active for zooming during this action. (The model will appear to move the opposite direction from the mouse cursor.
Left and Right Buttons

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