Optimizer Update 1.44 - June, 2023

Changes effective: June 28, 2023
Version: 1.44.20230628.1


  • Batch
    • Addition of Batch info icons to provide users with a high-level explanation of the settings.

    • Change to have newly accepted Batches default to the bottom of the Batch List.
      • This change supports the process that older batches will be cut before newer ones.
      • The Hotshot process will still place a batch at the top of the list.
  • Cambium Saw File Export
    • Added a new “Reference Side” parameter to saw settings.  This parameter allows a location to identify a ‘bottom side’ saw outfeed location for the router machinery.
  • Optimize
    • Offcut Lengths are now displayed without an overage value on the Optimizer Results screen.
  • Reports
    • Change to add alphabetic sorting for the Location Picker for the Saw Operations Reports.

Bugs Resolved:

  • Auto-Reconcile
    • Batches using Infinite Inventory mode will now correctly move to a batch status of “Processed” through the Auto-reconcile process.
  • Batch
    • TLF and Rounded TLF will now correctly display in Batch Details section.
    • Pressing the “Enter” key when working with Custom Distribution Groups will now correctly move to the next field.
    • Inventory Length Preference
      • The selection of "Preselected" from the drop-down no longer generates an error
  • Optimize
    • Multi-optimized batches will now display an estimated processing time for a batch.
  • Reports
    • Fix for Sorting of Product Names in the Inventory Usage Report.
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