Optimizer Update 1.43 - April, 2023

Changes effective: April 27, 2023
Version: 1.43.20230419.1


  • The process now checks to see if the batch has been deleted prior to running auto reconcile to avoid causing inventory quantity issues.
  • An issue was fixed so that processed batches now properly execute all inventory transactions.
  • Inventory blocking is now deducted from ‘Pending’ inventory quantities.

Batch List Enhancements

New Create Batch icon has been added to the top of the Batch List page to prevent the need for scrolling when the list of "Processing" or "Released for Processing" becomes longer. The original icon will remain as well.

Round blocking to 2'

If a material list has blocking panels both under and over 2' in length, when the setting is enabled, blocking panels are rounded up to the next 2' increment.

Distribution List - Order Change

The distribution view now groups the lengths from each product together and orders them from longest to shortest.
NOTE: The current view uses a primary order of longest to shortest, meaning that the products are intermixed. This can make it difficult to track that all lengths of a single product have been included.

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