How to unblock an EXE or ZIP prior to running / installation

Files downloaded from the internet may be 'blocked' by Windows Attachment Manager. It's a good idea to check that a file has been Unblocked prior to running a executable (EXE) or unzipping a .ZIP file to ensure a successful installation.

  • Once the file has finished downloading, locate the file and right-click, then click Properties
  • Under the General tab, if available, check the box for "Unblock", then Apply and OK


Note: This may not always be there depending upon the local computer Attachment Manager settings.

Additional Info: Windows Attachment Manager is a security feature included in Windows that prevents unsafe files downloaded from the Internet. It is designed to protect users’ PC from unsecured attachments that e-mail messages may receive and unsafe files that may be saved from the Internet. Some IT teams may have this configured differently than others and individual users may not be able to adjust the parameters themselves. We recommend always checking that a file is unblocked before attempting an installation and to always Run as Administrator - Right-click after unblocking and select Run as Administrator from the right-click menu.



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