BC Framer® General Release-February 20th, 2023


Supported Upgrade-able version: 8.4.3
Supports Windows 11(System Requirements)
Compatible with Windows 11 Update 22H2 and Windows 10 KB5011048

Notable Improvements

Hanger Costing Enhancement ­čô║

When a hanger cost is edited in MiTek Materials / Material Costing, the new cost will automatically be reflected on the Costing Report Output.

Note: The hanger properties grid may not reflect the expected cost, but the output report will.

Bug Fixes

BC Connect Integration - New Builder Duplicate Prevention

When BC Framer is integrated with BC Connect® and the user is creating a New Builder from BC Framer, only one unique new Builder will be created on the BC Connect site.

BC Connect Integration - Design Service Ticket Updates

When BC Framer is integrated with BC Connect® software, changes to Design Service Ticket status now correctly save to BC Connect.

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