Hole Input Validation in BC Framer versus MiTek Structure

Both BC Framer® software and MiTek Structure evaluate holes in Boise engineered wood during member design. The difference between the two is when the holes are validated.

  • BC Framer validates the hole during input. If the hole violates a specific rule, the software will show an error and halt design at Check Structure.
  • MiTek Structure allows the same hole input without generating an error. Design Members is allowed to proceed, showing a failed member report.

To summarize: Both software applications will evaluate hole size and proximity to bearings and other holes. MiTek Structure allows running Design Members even if the conditions break the rules, but BC Framer does not.

BC Framer hole errors stops at Check Structure.


Design report from MiTek Structure. Both applications would show a failure on the member design, but BC Framer won't allow a designer to get this far.


For BC Framer designers may send the member to BC Calc® software, then send the BCCx file to the technical services team for review.

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